Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The time was 6.15 am.. Today i woke up earlier than usual coz have to do some work that i have to settle it before i get back to Arau the Wonderland.. Owh,,such a "Wonderland" is it?? I dont even know for those students that already stay and study over there for over 3 past years previously and seems like they have to continue for 1 and a half year more.... Its like,,OMG... Hahaha... Now i know that i have to be so grateful with my old campus in Machang,Kelantan... When we have such things in front of our eyes,,we even dont care bout them.. But when we lost them once,,we will miss them for a thousand times.

Well,,this is not the right time for me to be childish,,missing here and there.. While im typing this
blog,,i heard my mum already woke up.. She already "kemas2" rumah.. Only today i juz realize that!!! Hahaha.. All this while i never know that.. You such a great mum,,mak..... And juz now,,she call me.."opet,,bngon subuh".... Hehehe... Already bangon la mak... =)

today is the 1st july in 2010,,it is thursday...this saturday i will pack my stuff to balik arau n start studying again,,again and again....penat sebenarnya jd student nih...penat blaja mase diploma pon x abes lg.. (ni ayat org pemalas..haha)..penat la tukar2 color words nih..haishhh..lantak ko la..

ari ni nk kuar pastu nk g bli baju n tgk la apebenda lg yg nk kene bwak g arau tuh...sume ni aku bwat sorang2...adeshhh....nk bwat mcm mane,,kwn2 sume xde..hadoi! xpe2,,,yg penting sekembalinya aku nnt di arau,,ramai kwn2 yg BBA in Finance friends!! even baru knl,,prangai sorang2 sume x blh blah.. i mean,,diorang sume gle2 bongok mcm kwn2 diploma aku kt campus mchng mber aku kt mchng ni advance lg "keboongokan" diorang...hahaha...

penat weh nk tulis blog nih...blom lg tulis pakai tgn,,mcm mane la korang bley berminat nk tulis blog panjang2,,pastu lg yg aku x paham,,nape korang baca blog aku nih?? x paham den...hahahaha....kebongokan sudah melanda so lg baik aku g smayang subuh...

moral of da story : "AKU NK CKP YG AKU SYG MAK AKU...HEHE.. ^_^"

yehaaaa,,alarm fon aku da berbunyi,,nk smayang dlu...boboi~
sayang kamu juga yg baca blog ku ini~~ >_< ~to be continued~ AWAN